Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things I Learned in 2010

Oh how I  wish I could cross these things off my list now, but that's just not how it works, huh?  Some of my lessons I've learned before and forgotten, some I learned in fresh ways, surely many I will they are.

1.  no one knows my life but me and God (and, to a large degree, my husband and my mom).  as much as we want someone to 'understand' us or our situation, I'm learning that never happens fully.

2.  because of this people make stupid comments that are not intended to be insensitive (see #1).  I am learning, really slowly, to quit letting this hurt my feeling or make me feel isolated.  I am also more aware (hopefully) of my own comments, because I realize this theory works both ways.

3.  the power of an adults-only trip far, far away is unbelievable.  the excitement, the rest, the Freedom, the laughs, and the hope that I can possibly do it again have been recharging and sustaining for an entire year.

4.  murphy's law is real and powerful and it goes something like this:  if I change the sheets, someone will wet their bed (or worse) That night....if there is a Dr's appt, made at an otherwise 'perfect' time, I will have to wake one or both children up from record-breaking naps....the things you are sure your children will love, they don't, and vice versa....if I cook dinner Paul will get stuck in a case and if I have no plan, he will come home at 5 starving....if I have my phone on vibrate and don't hear it, it will be the one time Lilah's school needs me.....I could go on, but you get my drift.

5.  drinking more water really does make me feel better.  so does coffee.  and ice cream, but in different ways.

6.  my brain is slowly failing me.  I must write things down, and double check, or I forget.  I'm getting nervous that my golden years will find me with a little notebook around my neck that reads: "my name is: Gina.   I live in: Knoxville"

7.  less really is more.  especially in terms of "to dos", commitments, obligations, etc.  I'm striving to do a few things well....I let you know when I figure out what those things are going to be:)

Sometime life is more about surviving than I'd like it to be.  But, even in surviving, we are stretching, growing, and changing...however hard it may be.  I always I could miraculously be transformed into a better person without the hard stuff--that's just not how it works though.  I'm nervously excited about 2011, knowing well that a new baby will bring a new set of joys and challenges....and praying for health and peace in this New Year.


The Avery House said...

Great words to live by Gina! And oh, BTW I know two things you do really well and they are . . .
1. You love our Lord with all your heart and put your full trust in Him.
2. You love your family with all your heart. You are one great Momma to those kiddos and I'm sure Paul thinks you are a rock-star wife.
3. You are an AWESOME, AWESOME, writer. I am sure if you are wearing a notebook around your neck in your golden years it will also have bits and pieces of belly laugh humor that will keep the passer-bys in stitches.
OK that is more than a couple of things and I could go on, but I am still getting to know you so I will stick with three for now. ;-)

Johnson Party of seven! said...

you are so wise, Gina Burch.

J. K. Jones said...

You learned allot, but you seem to be awfully hard on yourself. I barely hold up under stress sometimes. I have some advice:

Forget a few things. It' s okay. God will get you where you need to be.

Let a few more adults into your life. Not blogging buddies necessarily, we tend to be a little artificial on the internet.

Doing "a few things well" is advice I adopted a while back, and I love that you reminded me of it. I am over-committed.

This is free advice, and probably worth what you paid for it.

Remember , your extended family loves you as well.

J. K. Jones

Jessica said...

great reflection - I agree with so much!!! :) Happy 2011