Friday, January 7, 2011

Game On

So, I'm right at the half way mark of this pregnancy.  Which means I'm starving every, oh, say 30 minutes and no food is exempt.  I eat plenty of health food, but when you eat around the clock, there are sooo many opportunities for everything else too. I said at the beginning of this pregnancy (like I have with the others) that I was really going to watch what I ate and not balloon up like Miss Piggy.  That's really frickin easy to say when you are barfing your guts out every morning and the thought of anything other than a plain waffle makes you want to hurl.  For me, when that phase passes, anything not nailed down is fair game and I forget all about what it's going to feel like to heave around 15 extra pounds for several months.  But, I'll deal with that later....seize the day.....for that matter, seize the cookie!.

You know that phase babies go through where they get so chubby you think that they are going to pop?? And it's so cute you just want to squeeze them and kiss their rolls.  Well, I'm just like that only totally different. Someone near and dear to my heart has a hefty head start on me in the game of porking up.  Check this out....this lady is an expert....and she's done it all without any Christmas cookies.  I am a mere ameteur.

My sweet niece, AnnaKate, who is about the cutest little thing I've ever seen.  And, someday, when she's tall and thin and super-model-esque like her mama, that picture is going to be even funnier.  If that's even possible.

Here is the princess at Christmas.

Excuse me...snacks are calling my name.


Alexandra said...

Haha awwww she is SO CUTE! I love love love love love chubby babies. Actually, 'skinny' babies really freak me out, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Gina you are so funny! You are always such a beautiful momma and I know when you are pregnant you feel huge but you are not! I was HUGE when I was pregnant(50 plus pounds). Enjoy every bite :) It is for a great cause!! Annakate thinks you are pretty great yourself :)
Love Aunt Liz