Monday, January 3, 2011

I think it was Christmas

It just went so a blurry, speed tunnel sort of way.  But, Christmas was great, or so 'they' tell me.  I feel like I can hardly remember yesterday, much less a week ago.  I blame pregnancy (it's such an easy scapegoat), but am going to have to start coming up with better excuses soon.  So, if you get a note thanking you for the ZhuZhu pet and you actually got my child Legos, forgive me.  Likewise if you find me mumbling and lost anytime in the near future, point me home and don't tell anyone.

Anyway, back to my point.  What was my point? Oh yeah, Christmas.  See, I told you I was losing it:) I would recap, but I don't have much to share.  Although I do remember promising myself, in a sleep deprived stupor (from a 4 year old that I'm pretty sure never went back to sleep after his 1st of 284,000 questions of "is it time for presents yet?") that next year, I would have no expectations.  I'm not sure where in the timeline of Christmas morning that fell.... after we resorted to letting Lilah watch Backyardigans during the present opening because she could have cared less....before the firm 'discipline' Garrett received for being sassy and throwing a's hard to say.  But next year....I'm going to envision anger and dissension from my troops ahead of time , so as to be better prepared for the merriment.  :)

 took the kids to see my grandparents.  you know how you want your kids to be precious and adorable for relatives....especially those who they may never see again? right.  that did not happen here.
 a sweeter side of Ms Ya:) if she's in the right mood she will pose for the cute!
 the kids and I were very spoiled with lots of "granna" time this Christmas

 Christmas morning with Papa

 loving on her "granny"
G and his cousin, Elizabeth digging into even more presents.

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J. K. Jones said...

Good to see you all at Christmas!