Thursday, October 23, 2008

It is one thing after another....we are (mostly) recovered from the cold, but have had a rough week with Lilah's monitor.  She had to wear a more sensitive heart monitor for 24 hours to see if she was having any irregular heart rhythms.  She was not--Praise the Lord!  I love her expression in the photo above. It says "seriously, are you kidding me with all this?"  I feel like she's wise beyond her weeks (it's good to be ahead on something!), like she's always looking at me with reassurance that she's okay.
Please keep praying for us...for healing for Lilah and for any other ways you can think of because we probably need that, too:)!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I knew we wouldn't be able to keep Lilah from getting sick forever...I just thought we might be able to make it a little longer than a month.  When Garrett came down with the sniffles last week, I was still optimistic.  We took all kinds of precautions, but when he started to look like a poster child for "virus" and I could practically see the germs floating in the air, I knew I was kidding myself.  Sure enough, she's sick:( So far, so good though-she's smiling, eating, and not running a fever.  It's always terrible to have a sick child, but Lilah's condition ups the ante quite a bit.  I'm a nervous wreck, of course, because a little cold is how it all started.  But, her doctor tells me that he thinks she's much stronger now than she was before her last cold and he thinks she'll be fine (but he wants to see us again tomorrow, a Sunday, anyway).  To add to my ulcer, she's lost weight again....ahhh! It really is one hurdle after another.  But, I remind myself that that is life, that God is good, and He is constant and faithful.  And then I go take a nap.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit"
Romans 15:13

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my brother and his latest victim-a deer, no elk, no moose, (let me double check the email)'s an antelope!  Isn't he cute? I mean my brother:) He lives in Steamboat Springs and is a teacher/coach by day and a hunter/gatherer (as Paul says) by all other hours of his life.  He is living the life of adventure out there in the beautiful wilderness (I'm using wilderness loosely).  And, I'm just kidding about victim-- there is no love lost between me and the animal kingdom:)  I just wish Jeff could come to my house and take care of my squirrels and the coyote that seems to be running wild in the middle of my neighborhood!

this is not his halloween costume:) note all elements of his 'getup' shoes, his elmo pj pants, a drool covered shirt b/c he hasn't been able to breath from his nose for a week, a bandana from his grandaddy's time in japan...all in all, he thinks he's hot stuff:) oh, and he's dancing like sumo wrestler to the duck's version of "if you're happy and you know it"

It's good to be two....most of the time:) Garrett is loving life these days. Sure, he is full of plenty of whining, temper tantrums, and fits.  He does his share of bossing, breaking, yelling, and messing....but, he is so fun!!! He's talking a ton ("do what I say", "good morning yaya* baby", "you strong momma").  He has the most beautiful laugh.  Sometimes it makes me laugh, often is makes me teary, but it always makes me smile.  With him, every day is an adventure, every experience something totally new.  We spent 20 minutes today studying an inch worm. He thought it was just the most interesting thing....and, it was pretty amazing.
Paul and I have been thinking, praying, trying to live in the moment these past 6 weeks. Not in the "let's go skydiving" sort of way, more the "focus on today", "be thankful now" sort of way. With all that Lilah's diagnosis brought with it (fear, stress, work, worry, etc), we've been forced, out of necessity, to do what's in front of us and take one day at a time.  This is a good place to be and we are thankful for the continued lesson.  

*Lilah's nickname:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

things have changed drastically around mom left yesterday:( i'm sure you've all heard me say this a million times, but she really is a saint.  she has been here since the day we found out lilah was sick and my sweet dad has come every weekend.  they are the most incredibly selfless people i know and they have taught me how to love my children well.  and, just as children love them!  they have more energy than i do, and do all kinds of fun things with garrett (zoo, greekfest, countless walks, fall festivals, etc).  garrett is just as depressed as i am...he keeps saying "where granna go?" and then answering his own question with "granna in indiana with papa". it's really sweet!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miss Lilah is doing great...she's gained 6oz!!! After spending an obscene amount of money on various bottles and nipples, she's now taking a bottle like a champ:)  We went to the neurologist this week and he was very happy that she hadn't had any more seizures.  He said that because all of her tests indicated normal brain structure, we had to assume her seizures were caused my an area of underdeveloped brain matter.  (this is case scenario as far as seizures go)  He hopes that this will resolve itself and our goal is to try and phase out the anti-seizure meds in a year.
We also saw Lilah's pediatrician, love his soul.  He is always incredibly encouraging about her progress! She got the last of her immunizations and reminded me to tell everyone I know to
 get their flu shot:)