Thursday, October 16, 2008

this is not his halloween costume:) note all elements of his 'getup' shoes, his elmo pj pants, a drool covered shirt b/c he hasn't been able to breath from his nose for a week, a bandana from his grandaddy's time in japan...all in all, he thinks he's hot stuff:) oh, and he's dancing like sumo wrestler to the duck's version of "if you're happy and you know it"

It's good to be two....most of the time:) Garrett is loving life these days. Sure, he is full of plenty of whining, temper tantrums, and fits.  He does his share of bossing, breaking, yelling, and messing....but, he is so fun!!! He's talking a ton ("do what I say", "good morning yaya* baby", "you strong momma").  He has the most beautiful laugh.  Sometimes it makes me laugh, often is makes me teary, but it always makes me smile.  With him, every day is an adventure, every experience something totally new.  We spent 20 minutes today studying an inch worm. He thought it was just the most interesting thing....and, it was pretty amazing.
Paul and I have been thinking, praying, trying to live in the moment these past 6 weeks. Not in the "let's go skydiving" sort of way, more the "focus on today", "be thankful now" sort of way. With all that Lilah's diagnosis brought with it (fear, stress, work, worry, etc), we've been forced, out of necessity, to do what's in front of us and take one day at a time.  This is a good place to be and we are thankful for the continued lesson.  

*Lilah's nickname:)

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The Leonards said...

a good lesson for all of us...God is so gracious to use these babies to refine us. thanks, Garrett, for making me smile!