Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Like Dadda

Having children is a lesson in so many things....the one I'm learning right now is the incredible difference between boys and girls.  Garrett loves all things with wheels, spends hours pushing vehicles around the yard (working on his muscles), dirt and bugs, and taking things apart and back together.  He really loves all things "dadda"--it is so sweet!  What a great model he has!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Camp

we (garrett and I) just got back from visiting my parents....which is summer camp for garrett.  he LOVES it!  we both had a great time and have a been missing them terribly since our return!

what we've up to....


getting ready for sister....
the zoo...
playing in the "bus"...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

flower power

here are a few pics of our beautiful hydrangeas.   i figured that since i can hardly stand to be outside in the heat, i should cut some to bring inside.  paul did not take it well:)   so, if any of you neighbors were hoping to cut a few for yourselves, i suggest sneaking over with your scissors under the cover of darkness!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

kentucky waterfall

yes, my son has a mullet.  every time i see his hair wet i think "maybe it is time for a haircut". but, then i see those sweet curls spring up as it dries! no haircuts here....yet:)

garrett the builder

garrett is just starting to do some pretend play (i think this is very advanced, of course).  here, with a little encouragement, he was "bob the builder".

war paint

we really enjoy food around here...garrett comes by it honestly! we love to hear him say "uhm" (like yummy) for all sorts of food.  as you can see, he enjoys it to the fullest. this day, he was already so dirty from playing outside that i stripped him down because i thought it was disgusting to eat so dirty.  he found the sensation of painting his body with his lunch irresistible, and i found it too cute to stop.