Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a....

I had my big ultrasound this week and am happy to report a happy, healthy, very wiggly baby in there, who weighs a whopping 14 oz:).  I was getting a bit more anxious the closer we got to the ultrasound because even though I feel like this baby is healthy, obviously we are a bit more skittish than we were the other 2 times.  Just as a refresher, Lilah does have a genetic deletion syndrome....that is, her troubles are at the level of DNA and began at conception.  Through genetic testing and counseling right after we found out what she 'had', we found out that our DNA is perfect (actually, mine was perfect and Paul's was average.  kidding!), and Lilah's genetic disorder  was a spontaneous fluke 'accident'.  We also learned that our future children carried the exact same risk as the general population for any problems (i.e. no more risk than normal).

Every stage in pregnancy makes it more 'real', and this is definitely a big milestone.  There is definitely a baby in there, who is definitely coming sometime in early summer.  I am more than half way through the pregnancy, which is very hard to believe (except when I look in the mirror) and it seems to be moving more rapidly than the other two.  I already love this child, this next member of our family and can't wait to meet him/her.

We would appreciate any and all prayers for the health of this little one and for his or her continence.  May he/she be an 'easy', relaxed baby that sleeps well and allows me to care for the needs of Lilah (and the rest of us) as well.  I would be lying if I didn't say that I get a bit more nervous as the days go, as Lilah seems to be getting more difficult to care for daily, both physically and emotionally.

Oh, and we are not finding out gender;)

"Children are a gift from the Lord.  They are a reward from him."
--Psalm 127:3


The Avery House said...

Gina, I am so excited to meet this new little one! I will pray for you and this little sweet blessing! I can't believe you are already half way through!

Cortney said...

gina - I just came across your blog while looking at some of aimee davis's blog. i don't know you well, but was very touched by reading some of your post. thank you for your honesty and your sharing your journey with the rest of us crazy moms! congrats on baby #3 - very exciting!

Garola Gang said...

OF COURSE, I am praying for this baby to be healthy and I know that you're nervous, but you are already equipped to care for all three of these babies God has blessed you with! You amaze me, Gina!

Garola Gang said...

praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! I know you're nervous. Every time Clara coughs I run to the doctor, but the Lord will equip you with all you need to care for all 3 of your babies! *hugs*