Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stir Crazy

You might have heard me mention that I hate winter and, clearly, it's started to affect my mind.  Because, out of sheer desperation, I am resorting to things like this:

Letting my child who cannot manage to get bread from his plate to his mouth without a mess play with shaving cream.  I threatened him within an inch of his life not to touch anything with those hands so I could snap a picture and then it took me 20 minutes to clean up.  Good times.


Anonymous said...

That's what I call "taking one for the team!" O's school suggested the shaving cream for teaching handwriting/drawing. REALLY? I thought it was a suggestion of insanity! You must have seriously been close to the edge if you went for it! :)AR

Alexandra said...

You are one brave mama! We used to do that in 3rd grade on our desks... though I sure don't know why our teacher thought it was a good idea for 25 3rd grades to be doing this at once. I'm sure he had a blast.

Sara said...

Gina! Wow! You brave girl! I thought I was brave to put oats into a cookie sheet and let them play with their bulldozers. I'm still trying to get oats out of the cracks in the table. :) We've been housebound for 4 weeks now. Seriously. The boys have been nowhere out of the car. They had strep, cough/cold, stomach flu, then H had his tonsils out. Wish we lived closer. Surely we would be safe to combine our germ free households for one day. :) Hope you are feeling well!