Monday, January 17, 2011

Careful What You Wish For

If I'd ever get around to posting my New Years Resolutions, you'd see one that looks something like this:

Enable my children to be more independent (Garrett, to the extent that is age-appropriate, and Lilah, as she is able)

My sweet little boy loves to be served.  His general motto in life seems to be, "there is no need to do for yourself what someone else will do for you".  Cleaning up after himself, hanging his coat, washing his hands, walking upstairs to get a toy....these are all things that can by done by his slave-girl (aka momma).  Obviously, I do my best to encourage him to do it himself, but I know I need to ramp up my efforts.  And here is why:  A few weeks ago, the little prince called me into the den (where he was watching tv) to set his empty juice cup on the table.  I had been feeding Lilah, so this 'emergency' call had required me to disconnect a feeding tube first.  I was not happy.  Change has been in the air since.  A crack down on all needless dependence, if you will.

First on my list to tackle were G's refusal to independently wash his hands after the potty (he is absolutely capable, btw) and his bellowing of my name in the wee hours of the morning, just to say he was ready to get up (I think he's old enough to come downstairs alone).  Both objectives are going well, but I am learning why I have been an enabler for so long----it is easier in the short run.  I, however, have my eye on the prize of making my life slightly less chaotic come new baby (hah! this makes me laugh to even say b/c I know no preparation in the world will make this true), and am going to persevere.....despite some bumps in the road.

The first 'bump' came last week, when Paul was out of town (of course).  I had Lilah in the bath and Garrett was 'washing his hands and then some' in the sink in her bathroom.  I'm not really sure what the 'and then some' involved.....but I do know that it resulted in her sink falling through the granite countertop. Note to self:  most adhesives are not made to withstand a 40 lb boy.

The second 'bump' came this morning, when an interaction between a mis-programmed sheep clock and a new Iron Man toy resulted in me rolling over at 6 am to this staring me in the face:

Which was awesome because I popped out of bed ready to greet the day and, two hours later, my heart rate has almost recovered.  And, like MLK, I have a dream....only mine is of uninterrupted sleep.:)  At this point, I'm thinking MLK's dream seems more realistic.

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