Friday, September 12, 2008

Test Results

The EMG was negative.  Thankfully also, it was not too bad for Lilah.  They could tell it hurt her...she got wide-eyed during the first needle stick and grimaced at times, but was actually able to sleep on and off through some of it.  Obviously, they are glad this test was negative.  

The other new development is that Lilah began having seizures in the night.  Lilah had a few events yesterday that in retrospect may have been small seizures, but she had two full blown seizures last night.  The first around 4am and the second an hour or so later.  She has already had an ultrasound of her brain to evaluate due to the seizures and her brain is normal.  She has also had an EEG to evaluate, they do not have the results of this yet, but she did not have any seizure activity during the test.  They have also done bloodwork to try to find the cause of the seizures and it was all normal; furthermore,  they do not feel that it is the cause of any of her medications.  

After these 2 big seizures, it was hard for Gina to sleep...she just wants to sit and "monitor" her.  Will post more as things develop.  
**Update - The Neurologist just saw Lilah and said that he is not "convinced" that what she had was a seizure.  It could have potentially been some type of "convulsion".  Since the EEG did not show any seizure activity, he feels the need to "prove" that it was a seizure.  So, Lilah will have a CAT scan to evaluate further.  They do not know for sure, but can't imagine they will leave the hospital today.  They say they feel completely covered in prayer and continue to say thank you.  


Elizabeth Myatt said...

I know you are relieved that the EMG was negative. I am so thankful that Lilah's heart condition will not be complicated by a muscular degeneration. Praying that there is some clarity concerning the questionable seizure issue today. Loving you guys and am so encouraged in my faith to see how you have responded to this. Emily H and I were talking about how this has really made us dig deeper in His word...thank you again for being so transparent with your feelings through this and allowing us to walk through it with you.

Rachel Sara said...

I am so glad the test was negative! God is so good! Will be praying for the meaning of this new obstacle to be uncovered quickly and praying that you will get much needed rest!

notes from em said...

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms”.

Deut. 33:27

Praise the Lord for a negative EMG today! We are wrapping you all in our prayers at all times, and petitioning the Lord on your behalf.
we love you all greatly!

Lynn T said...

We wanted you to know we are praying for you and your dear family.
Matt, Lynn and Will Tootle