Monday, September 15, 2008

MRI Negative

 Paul and Gina are happy to report that Lilah's MRI this morning was negative.  This means that her brain is structurally normal; obviously, they are so very thankful.  Lilah was unable to be sedated for the MRI because of her heart, but Gina planned her feeding and medicines perfectly and she did not move a muscle through the test.  So, this means that they do not know exactly what is causing the seizures ...but, it's better for all the tests to be normal and not know the exact cause than for there to be something wrong.  Lilah will continue taking seizure medication at home for at least the next year.  They have added another seizure medicine and Lilah has not had a seizure since 10p last night.  They are going to take her central line out today and as long as the seizures stay under control, they may be able to go home tomorrow evening or Wednesday.  They saw another Cardiologist today and though the long term prognosis is the same, and always hard to hear, he felt like she was "holding her own" for now.  

They say every day how they are "so overwhelmed" with how many people are praying for them.  They are confident the Lord has heard them and they want to express "what a gift" your prayers have been to them.  Gina was particularly thankful because she felt like Lilah felt better today.  She said that when Lilah wakes up on her own, she is much more engaged in her environment, seems interested in a toy for the first time, is moving her head better, and is even fussing some...which Gina is thrilled about.  She is glad to know that she cares enough about something and has the energy to fuss.  Lilah has even given up a few smiles today.  

They are beginning to prepare for the transition home and the long road ahead of them.  They are very thankful that Gina's mom is going to stay with them for a while, and they will be so glad to get back to Garrett.  Though they are feeling somewhat nervous about taking Lilah home, they are more encouraged today...just feeling more ready themselves and feeling that she is more ready.  Will continue to update as things move forward.   


bettyebbs said...

Dear Paul ande Gina,
I have been keeping up with "Lilah's Story" and wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers. Doug and I will continue to lift you up in the days ahead. May God be very near as you love this precious gift from Him.
With love,
Betty Ebbs

Jessica said...

Hope the good news keeps coming for you all. Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul and Gina,

We are continuing to pray for Lilah and you. We are so thankful to God for the encouraging news today.

Katherine, John and Elizabeth

Elizabeth Myatt said...

Praying for no more seizures and a homecoming tomorrow. I know you will all be glad to be in your own house. Hope tonight brings rest for everyone. I am so proud to call you our friends. We love you-
Chris, Lizzy, Hud and GA

Anonymous said...

Prayer changes things. So glad to hear of Lilah's progress.

Jack & Betty H

Anonymous said...

So thankful for the MRI news. We will keep praying for God's perfect strength and endurance! May you rest moment by moment in His fully capable embrace!

Beth H.

Anonymous said...

What a much needed blessing to see your little girl smiling and engaged in her environment. I pray that He is covering you with His peace and rest as you must be so physically and emotionally drained. I also pray and believe that He keeps Lilah and her little body wrapped so firmly in His mighty hand, that He may glorify Himself through miraculously healing and protecting her. I am constantly thinking of your entire family and lifting these prayers up to our Father, who loves us and hears our prayers.
April G.

notes from em said...

Singing the Lords praises at our house for such wonderful news!
I know you are ready to be home, we will be praying for a smooth transition and for peace about being there.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

praying the Lord brings you home soon, gives you continued peace and strength. Thankful that the Lord that created this world and holds it in the palm of His hand, holds sweet Lilah under His wings.