Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old Man Winter has heard my cry....and responded in fear and trembling! It is snowing a mighty snow now....a totally un-predicted snow, I think (but I wouldn't really know, bc I have turned my back on meteorologists everywhere). Anyway...snow, sweet snow! Woohoo!!
These pictures were taken this morning....during the wettest snow-play adventure of my life. I was having a bad attitude, but I did learn a few things:
1. kids (at least those 3 and under) don't know the difference
2. it's all great to them
3. and simultaneously terrible, as in "my gloves are wet!"
4. sleds go pretty fast when they are afloat


kellywanhainen said...

cutest kids in the entire world. lilah looks so cute in her little red suit! perfect for sledding! i read your other blog about the sorry 1.5 inches of snow.. newburgh was apparently all a fuss yesterday about getting an inch, and they ended up getting SIX inches last night. sad to say none of that made it's way to bloomington.

Abu Yossi said...

i'd take that pitiful snow over the dust storm we just got :-/

Anonymous said...

ooh those cute kiddos - both having the time of their lives! David pulled us down our icy street this morning in a laundry basket. It was the best! He spun us in circles and I ice skated a tiny bit. :) Only 4 inches can cause a lot of fuss here. School's out tomorrow too! :)AR

Cade and Cora said...

They really do look like they're having a ball! Love those lil smiles!

Anonymous said...

I love you, Gina. I hope this blog goes on forever. You're doing so great with BOTH of your children and I am so proud of the loving family you and Paul have made and continue to make happen. God bless you real good, Gina and Paul!


Cousin Cathy