Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Remember that game at Showbiz Pizza where you smashed those pesky moles that popped their heads up at random with a giant mallet? It was my absolute favorite (after the dancing rat band and the prize tickets). I realize the name has changed to Chuck-E-Cheese, but since this makes me think of the pyscho doll and I might as well inject my children with a live virus, I'm not a big fan and prefer to remember the good-ole-days. Anyway, little did I know that game was so symbolic of life.... I feel like it's all about putting out the fires (and sometimes I just want to wack someone on the head).
The fires this week are double cases of croup, a single case of bronchitis, and a beloved pediatrician whose week-long sick leave is causing a serious case of anxiety in this mama. (I'm not joking, please pray Dr. Peeden is playing hooky and drinking scotch on some Caribbean island...or at least for a speedy recovery). I know the series of crises (is this a word? i'm trying to say the plural of 'crisis') is just part of parenting, but I'm longing for the day it feels more normal because right now it just feels like one crisis after another:)!!
But, lots of sweet with the sour. The kids are growing, and fighting, and laughing, and...happy. So much good in the midst of some really tough things, too. Our sermon this Sunday was one of the most true, real, relevant things I have heard in forever (or maybe it's just the only thing i've heard in forever)....about God's love for us and His intent for his people to trust Him. To take the bad with the good and know that He works all things for good. Not that there isn't a lot of suffering, but that the best is yet to come. And until then, hard times and easy times (what are these??) are not mutually exclusive....it's just life. We should try to enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

I did a clown party at "Family Fun Center" last weekend that was a graveyard for all the old Showbiz sutff. It was a walk down memory lane - and a petry dish for every infection known to man :)AR

Jessica said...

oh no! I hope you the kids are better SOON!

Cade and Cora said...

praying for a speedy recovery for all 3 of them (your 2 and the doc!)