Monday, January 11, 2010

Some things I'm loving...

1. sweets. shoot me! i'm one of those 'all or nothing' kind of people when it comes to desserts, as in when a dessert (or dozens) break through the dam of my willpower--it's over! Me and my sweet tooth need to breakup....i'm just waiting for him to make the first move.

2. smartwool socks. i really hate skin is like a delicate flower (that has been dried out and roughed up, but that's another story) and i detest any 'itch', which is why i've stayed away from these long-talked about socks (at least in my family). but with temps in the teens, my resolved has caved and my toes are thanking me.

3. christmas gifts. i am so glad to have new books, new songs, and new pieces to pick up....a change of scenery is good. come where it may.:) plus, i scored some pretty sweet things myself and who doesn't like something new??

4. movies. i had a serious dry spell but i'm back on the wagon. run, run, run to see The Young Victoria and wish yourself a happy valentines day! if you don't have any favors in the bank and can't get your man to see that one, Invictus rocks too.

5. starbucks. i'm so 90s, i this is something novel to like starbucks?! but really, it's so good and consistent and it amazes me. and, i can do it with kids in the car.

6. now there is very little need for me to leave the house, which is a good thing considering my children are clearly never going to quit getting sick!!! (it's croup this time. i'm bitter, can you tell?:)

7. snow! a weeks-worth of white stuff on the ground in k'town is unheard of...and beautiful. it arrived just in time because i'm usually all "it's so ugly!" this time of year. Also, seeing/hearing the drama surrounding less than 2 inches of possible snow fall in these parts cracks me up.

8. inventions. or ideas for inventions/money making schemes. i'm not sure why i'm obsessed, but i am. i think i have lots of good ideas (don't ask P his thoughts), i just don't know how to get them going. of course, i can't put my ideas up here on the www, because they might be stolen! just know, my mind is like a machine (where all the parts and pieces are spinning out of control and totally disorganized).

And some things I'm not liking so much (i'm working on being a kinder-gentler G in 2010, how's this sound?)

1. people dressing inappropriately for the weather. attn: if it's below 40, you need a coat and clothes toed shoes. also, if you are wearing layers/coat/hat...your children need the same.

2. a house i drive by everyday because it is time to take down the christmas tree on your front porch, and while you are at it, get rid of your 3 rotting pumpkins!!! seriously, it is cheering me down.

3. cold. i'm over it! where is the groundhog?

4. cashiers who comment on my purchases. it's none of their business what i'm doing with endive and no, i'm not having a party, we just eat a lot of ice cream.

5. snot. there is too much at this house and i'm ready for the dry-up.

6. dry hands. i have bought (what seems) like ever lotion on the market and my hands still look like i've run them through the paper shredder...dry, scratched, cracked, sad. p has put the big 'veto' down for me sleeping in gloves (apparently Diane Keaton does nothing for him?), so i'm open to suggestions. and yes, i wear gloves outside.


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the starbucks, wish I could get into movies more, love love amazon (it's a bad thing to be able to so easily buy books!), so sorry about the snot and sicknessess, Christmas decorations should definitely come down asap and overall loved your list! so good to see your face this past Sunday!

Anonymous said...

My hands are dry, cracked & raw. I have build up of the remaining dry skin between my knuckles and it's gross. You've inspired me to pulli out the remains of Mary Kay that I didn't sell - and I would bet money that MK has some she bought that she'd give you of the Satin Hands set. It works miracles...if I can just find the 15 seconds to use it... ;)AR