Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My parents tell me when I was a baby, a cat scratched me in the face and they had to get rid of it...I think it all started there. My dislike of pets, that is. Actually, I'm just going to be honest. I'm among friends, right? I (mostly) hate animals. Sure, there were bunnies I liked for about a week in grade school (they really were so cute until I realized the small mountains of poop they generated. eeww!) and a cat a highschool boyfriend gave me that I kind of liked. But mostly, I just don't get it.
Or rather, I should say I appreciate why someone would enjoy the camaraderie of an outdoor pet, but still I would never consider it. And an indoor pet? Really, I have a mental list that practically outnumbers any of my other mental lists on reasons not to have a pet. I will spare you the specifics (in attempt to not completely alienate people in my life that love their dogs), but mostly, the reasons are about the 'work' involved in caring for someone/thing else. Well, the work and the hair, which is work...so, yeah, it's all about the work. I get this, as I care for 3 other things :), but you just cannot compare having a dog to having a baby (although I know people who try).
Did anyone see that Chris Rock documentary about how he was trying to get white women to understand black hair and vice versa? Similarly, but totally different, are my feelings on dog people. Today, as I was taking L to the doctor and I was cussing because it was so freakin cold (I could blog for hours on my feelings about cold--watch out!).....I look over and see an old man bundled up like the Abominable Snowman walking his dog. It was like 12 degrees!!
Also, and this is what really got my kettle smoking...today in Home Goods, a woman asked me to scoot over so she could get through with her stroller. Of course, everyone knows babies come first. I peek over the hood to get a good look at a-sure-to-be-precious little thing and... it's the ugliest dog you've ever seen. A dog! In a retail store! In a stroller! Made for dogs!
It pushed me over the edge. For years I've quietly put up with people having their dogs a various retail establishments, outdoor dining, airplanes, and the park --and--I've had it! I'm taking a stand and going to start saying something. (except at parks...totally kidding about the parks:)
My points are....1. this is not Cali and you are not Paris and your dog isn't a purse.
2. what if someone were deathly allergic to said pet and didn't even know he was in the store?
3. some people are very afraid of pets....I don't think you should have to have your guard up while shopping for designer names at retail prices.

That's all I have to say about that (actaully I could say alot more, but I'm showing restraint in hopes that no-one eggs my house tonight). Oh, and I do have a considerable amount of affection for Liza and Duke.
**also, judging from miss ya's response to all animals presented to her, I just might have to eat my words one day. please no!


Abu Yossi said...

is this a guest blog post by rima? actually, there is one big difference between you and her: the pets she had as a child that she liked eventually ended up as a family meal (and it bothers me that this doesn't bother her at all). go figure...

Anonymous said...

I'm not offended at all...more impressed that you can be consistently so passionate about your disdain. I mean, doesn't it just expend so much energy? I would suggest counseling, but I think it would turn out like 102 Dalmations...lol...:)AR

notes of em said...

As you know, I do like my dog, on most days, but not even all days. And I pretty much dont like other peoples dogs. Dogs do not belong in establishments unless its an aid of some sort, not an accessory.
Glad liza made the cut, now who is this Duke you speak of?

Jessica said...

:) Ha!!!!!

kellywanhainen said...

gina, i love you. and you really need to write a book. the other day i told your mom that i'm positive sometime in the near future some big time publisher is going to come across your blog and offer you a book deal.

Alexandra Hoover said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello so you didn't think I was some random creeper following you- but I'm Kelly's roommate. She is always telling me the cutest stories about Garrett and we absolutely love reading your blogs!