Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is what we've been up to: breathing treatments, trips to doctors, sleepless nights, and coffee.
Both of my kids, apparently, have had RSV...this nasty respiratory virus that can have devastating effects on children under 2. Even though G did fine and is 'over it', L is having a much rougher time shaking it (no surprise there). Paul and I are running out of tricks to entertain/distract her as she sits through 6 breathing treatments a day.
I am so beyond thankful that Lilah has been receiving Synogis shots every month to help give her a better resistance to the virus (without that she would clearly be in the hospital). And so thankful for our insurance that pays a majority of $1500/shot, of which she gets 2 every month for 7 months.
I only write on this because it's been what's occupying our time, but it really is just a blip on the radar. My point is 'it's all relative' and compared to other experiences, RSV is not a big deal.
I am trying to look beyond our family and realizing that there is a lot of hardship that I wouldn't trade our stuff for anything. And then I watch the news about the crisis in Haiti and it quickly reminds me that my "healthy daughter didn't get lost in the rubble" "my family has food" "I dont' have to smell dead bodies piling up all around me"............and it reminds is silly to wallow in sadness over our problems when we can barely comprehend the darkness surrounding others.


Cade and Cora said...

still Gina, it's hard. Especially when it's consuming your days. Praying that lil L will shake this RSV sooner rather than later! You are supermom! Thanks for the update so we'll know how to pray!

Anonymous said...
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