Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Ya had a cardiology appointment today and it went well. Most everything her Dr. looks for was stable or improving....the best we could hope for. My brain still has a hard time processing the knowledge that her heart can be functioning well for a time and then...not. So, that part of these appointments are always a bit of a reality check. It's easy to have this sweet, happy, healthy looking (at least relative to last year) baby home and assume development or change will continue to happen in a positive manner.
But, the best thing about this appointment was......Lilah waved!!! Dr. Bremer came in the room, I said "can you wave and say hi to Dr Bremer?". At this point, you could see time slowing down as she worked to raise her hands and look at them quizzically. I have never seen time stand still, but it did, at least for us, as she looked at Dr. Bremer, looked back at her hand and squeezed her fingers in and out for.....A WAVE!!! It was....the most beautiful moment I've ever seen.
It's nice to see the miraculous in the otherwise ordinary!


Jessica said...

this has moved me to tears. thank you for these words - i had a grumpy morning with my kids, and you got me out of my slump. focus on gratitude. love you! J

Emily Harriman said...

she is incredible.