Sunday, February 14, 2010

You've probably already heard it, but for the sake of Cupid, I'm going to tell it again. Our love story (or at least how it started)
September 2002 after a UT football game. I was in from Nashville with girlfriends and Paul was out with some guys he played basketball with. It all went down at a bar called Charlie Peppers on 'the strip'. It was so crowded we didn't think we'd get in, but we squeezed through the door and joined the masses trying to find a spot and I looked up and fell in love. Seriously, I caught Paul's eye and smiled instantly, and he at me, like we'd known each other forever. He was about 3 body rows over from my train, so we didn't even cross paths. I just knew he would come over and say 'hi' I waited (every so often having my girlfriends check if he was still there). I was devastated when I thought he'd left, but I turned around and there he was. Sweetest smile you've ever seen your whole life and nervous as all get out. He said something like he "wasn't sure what to say". And I said "I think you're supposed to ask my name first".
We talked for 2 hours and I was smitten.
I would have followed Paul to the ends of the Earth....I'm just glad it was only Knoxville:). We got married 11 months later and looking back....barely knew each other (just as we'd been warned). But now I know, no amount months can prepare you for what life holds. I am so thankful to go through the journey with such an incredible partner.

Here are my littlest Valentines, who teach me so much about really loving.


Anonymous said...

they are both so beautiful and so grown up!! Makes me even sadder that I didn't get to see them last weekend. :)AR

Elizabeth Myatt said...

You know I have always loved yours and p's "story". one of the best couples I know. love you and your little valentines. still weathering the upper resp junk here..almost over it. HOPING everyone can go to school tomorrow.

Sara said...

thanks for sharing your story, i've never heard it! it's awesome...happy valentine's day (belated:))