Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have come across a fear that I have, in fact, not acquired in the last 18 months......I have no fear that Lilah's life will be inconsequential. I know she is of consequence, that her life matters.

I heard a story the other day about a family who'd lost a young child in a tragic accident. The wife was begging and pleading the Lord to show her what her child's life had meant. That it was purposeful.

And after I heard that, and finished wiping my bubbling snot and tear streamed eyes (not in that order) on my scarf, I felt so thankful!!! Really, even though I will raise a child with profound disabilities , whose potential death is a reality, I never have to question if Lilah's life matters. Of course, she transforms our lives and hearts everyday...a reminder of truth and what really counts and what's just filler. From the beginning, 'her story' was able to pull together thousands of prayers for her healing. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't tell me that Lilah has changed their life. She is winning friends and influencing people for The King. Seems darn important to me! Definately a worthy purpose.
We are so proud of this little girl!


Elizabeth Myatt said...

You're right, her life is definitely purposeful. You are such a sweet momma. I thought that was a real dog in the pic for a moment and couldn't believe you had caved and bought a dog...:)

The Leonards said...

i thought it was a real animal at first too! of course i knew better! i am catching up on your blog. i always love your words. i love your family too! God is good. all the time. He turns our mourning into dancing. our pain into joy. your journey reflects this truth and helps me cling to the Lord through our own struggles, trying to trust His plan for us and be thankful for the things that make me fall on my knees. thanks for encouraging me always.