Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, it's happened.  Garrett's flawless academic record has been tarnished.  All my hopes and dreams are shattered.  His chances of getting a full ride to Harvard based on charm and obedience, not to mention dashing looks have come to an end.  (listen, don't tease....look at his parents.  of course Ivy League hopes cannot be dependent upon brains).  That's right folks....I got a note home from school.  Preschool.

It's not that I don't think my child can get in trouble.  In fact, he is quite familiar with trouble....but usually only with the (5) people he feels really comfortable with.  Up until this point,  it's been all "he's so sweet." "most well-behaved child in the class".  Ha.  I knew this was an act, but I was okay with it.  In fact, I was hoping to ride the glory train of good behavior thru the 12th grade....and beyond.  I was banking on the idea that G was too hesitant to draw attention to himself, to misbehave.  Despite the fact that this trait clearly did not come from my genes, I had planned to take full advantage of it!

Until yesterday.  And, I will just tell you--I'm still in shock.  Disbelief that he's gone from hanging on my leg and barely uttering a peep the whole day, to getting reprimanded for excessive talking and refusing to clean up trains.  My mind was fast forwarding to a time when I'd be called into the principal's office because he hid up in a tree and threw rocks at a school bus.  No wait, that was my brother.  Anyway, he's in big trouble.  But, since it's his birthday weekend, I've decided to let him out of his room.

Kidding.  Totally kidding.
I am not a criminal.


Elizabeth Myatt said...

I am laughing thinking of Jeff up in a tree throwing rocks. What did Harry say?!

Anonymous said...

I think this is our destiny as moms of crazy boys! "I am not a criminal." You are hilarious!!! Kiss G&L for me :)AR

STEINS said...

Throwing rocks, from a tree, at a school bus!? It sounds like something I may have done but I cannot seem to remember this one. I am going to need confirmation and several details on this one, if it's true that is :)