Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I don't often look back at old blog posts. I'm not ready. It's like pouring salt on an open wound for me....it just hurts too badly to remember, so vividly, how it happened when she got sick. What we went through. What she went through. But, I'm glad it's there....a virtual diary, for someday. And today was one of those days, because it struck me, as I was picking her up from her first day, that this day, September 7th, is a big day. It was 2 years ago today.....that we found out she was sick.

Talk about coincidence, or irony, or providence, or something....that on the anniversary of something so dark, something so momentous for her would happen. Whatever it is, it is not lost on us. We are thankful beyond words... for who Lilah is, for a community that loves her, for grace and mercy in the hardest of times, and the unique blessing to be able to truly see a glimpse into His purpose and plan for her life. It brings me to my knees to read the kind and sincere words of many of you those 2 years ago, and since then. Thankyou. We continue to covet your prayers for her health, development, and protection.


The Avery House said...

I do believe this was all in God's plan for you. A gift to you for keeping your faith in Him. He loves you and your sweet baby girl so dearly. You have and do glorify Him in your journey with her and in the way you share her with all of us. "Every good and perfect gift is from above."

Anonymous said...

Gina and Paul,

Thank you for sharing your heart, faith and family with everyone via this blog. I, personally, find that photo of Lilah crossing her leg and holding visual material with interest, VERY encouraging! And God Bless "G". What a gift of a big brother to Lilah, and her to him. Garrett will not grow up without empathy for females, THAT is for SURE! Good luck with your house building, too. Got my Pumpkins on my balcony, BTW-READY FOR AUTUMN's cooler days!


Cousin Cathy