Monday, September 20, 2010

One time, after 1 child, but before 2, I had a friend who's husband was out of town. He called me to run over and check on her and the kids (2) because he hadn't been able to get ahold of her. I go over, answer. Ring the door answer. I start to get worried and peek in the windows and Oh My Goodness--the mess! The cabinets open, things pulled out, toys everywhere--it was a total state of upheaval. And, I swear, I thought my friend had been a victim of a break-in. And now, I totally get it. My house looks like that at least some point during the day...and especially Mondays.

In case you are keeping up with my 'dislikes'....Monday has officially replaced Sunday as my most hated day. Sundays have gained favor because my children now enjoy going to the nursery (shock!) at church, and getting there doesn't seem like quite the ordeal it used to be. But, Mondays are an entirely different deal--after a weekend of peace, love, and harmony (don't laugh), the beginning of the week is a system shock.

Lilah has 3 of 4 therapies on Mondays, which I hate. I love getting them over with (excellent attitude, right?) and actually really like all of her therapists at this point--but, I hate watching her struggle. I know it's what she needs, what's good for her, she needs pushed, yada, yada, yada....I just don't like it. It's terrible to watch your child's pleading eyes, saying "why the hell don't you help me?". (FYI, I make up what Lilah might be saying all the time, and she cusses. A lot.) And, it's awful to read the reports on your child...detailing her problems, ranking her poor development, setting goals for things like 'will prop herself up on arms for 15 sec'.

But, it's always helpful to have the perspective of an almost-4 year old. A couple of weeks ago, I was telling Garrett as he went to bed the night before that the next morning was Monday, therapy day. And he said: "Oh I love the ferapies. They are the best thing about Lilah." You just have to laugh. And wait for Tuesdays.


notes of em said...

i love that Lilah cusses a lot. a girl after my own heart.:)

Diane said...

out of the mouth of my babe!!!!