Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Last Day of Summer! The season is going out with a bang, considering it's 92 degrees outside. I, for one, am over it! And that's saying alot for someone who rarely leaves the house between 10am and 3pm:) I am ready for apples, and pumpkins and crisp, cool mornings. But until then--here's what we've been doing this summer (courtesy of my iPhone):

going to the zoo...
notice my 'death grip' on her leg...b/c my girl would crash to the ground in 1 sec otherwise.

this picture cracks me up. i think it was windy, but there is a high probability her hair was just standing up like that. we have hair issues.

playing in the sand and construction zone at the new house. many, many hours spent watching the diggers from the air conditioning of the mommy mobile. we are going to have another house to watch next summer...it's been so fun!

swimming lessons. bless ms macy's heart:) i'm not sure how much he learned, but i learned that there is nothing more funny than watching a 3yr old try the 'side stroke'.

looking at the water, where G wants to feed the fish and L just wants someone to push her into the shade, or stick her feet in the fountain. whew, it's been hot!

going out to eat has been the story of our lives this summer:( try as i might, i have not been very successful at home cooking. i'm blaming the quality of appliances, but a certain amount of stir-crazy might also have been a contributor.

riding toys...between the hours of 8 and 9 am:)

That's it. We are an exciting people, I tell you. Here's to the first day of fall....with temperatures falling to 90 degrees!

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