Sunday, September 12, 2010

            We've had a big weekend, full of lots of celebrating.  Birthday chaos, if you will.  All of it fun...and some of it funny.

            Our first party yesterday was a 1st birthday for some friends who are newly back to Knoxville.  When we left the house, we were in the middle of a flood warning--it was pouring!  Getting all 4 of us out the door, into carseats, back out of the car, and into someone's house is not an easy feet on a sunny day, much less in the pouring rain.  It took P and I several minutes to come up with a 'plan' (we are not braniacs, obviously) which went something like this:  I carry diaper bag and present and umbrella and he carries 30lb angel and walks us to the door, then Paul parks car and meets us inside with Garrett.  Good plan, right?

                Paul rings doorbell, hands me bicep-crushing baby, who I balance on 1 hip, with a counter-balance of a huge present (which, btw: Paul tells me on the way there "oh, the invitation said no presents."  thankyou very much, it is really no trouble to drag two children thru the Target toy section to pick out a toy for someone else.) and an equally huge diaper bag disguised as a purse...and he runs back to car.  I walk in, make introductions  "hi, I'm Gina, this is Lilah" and hand my present to someone I don't recognize.  Actually, I didn't recognize anyone, but that never stopped me before.  Someone offers me a drink.  This is festive, I think.  I've never been to a 1st birthday party that served champagne.  Fancy.  And speaking of fancy, I might be a little underdressed.   And then I see the little cookies, wrapped in cellophane, labeled "Welcome Baby Camden" and for a split-second I think, I didn't know she was pregnant again

           And that, is when it all comes together.....the wreath on the door made from diapers and bottles (I thought she was recycling the birthday girl's baby wreath)....all the women....the fact that this house was uber-decorated and my people just moved to this house.  Or actually, not this house.

          "Uhm, you all are going to think I'm crazy," I stammer.  And pause, because I'm still processing.  "I think I might not be in the right place.  What kind of party is this?".  "It's a baby shower for Angie Ford.  You are at Sarah Smith's house."  "I'm supposed to be at a birthday party", I say.  And at that moment, I might as well have been the greatest stand-up comic of all time--because I had that place in stitches.  These women (I had noticed by now that there were no men at this party) were hootin' and hollerin'.  Seriously, hysterics!  They were grabbing their sides from laughter pains, poking each other between breaths, saying "I wondered who invited her", and taking my picture.  I was laughing, and Lilah who laughs by association, was happy and clapping excitedly.

       After I regained my composure and my wit (which is questionable at this point, I know), I realized our party was next door.  I try frantically to call my umbrella man, who did not answer, before I trudged across the lawn in the rain.  I am maybe a bit peeved by this point, wondering what the heck he's been doing all this time and why he hasn't rescued us by now.  In an effort to escape the rain, I go into the right party and you know what???  HE and GARRETT were ALREADY INSIDE, partying it up!!!

       Seriously?  Seriously!?!  At this point I just have to laugh, b/c this is really the funniest thing.  What the heck was he thinking?  But, I know what he's thinking, by the look on his face.   NOTHING:)  He said "Hi", as in, oh there you are, you must have been in the kitchen.   He did not even realize he had walked us to the wrong door.   He had just parked the car and followed someone else inside.  Looking back, I wonder how long it would have taken him to put it together....not that I have any room to talk.


The Avery House said...

Hilarious! That's the best story I have heard in a long time. Sorry, I am not trying to be one of the laughing ladies in the baby shower crowd, but that is classic! Good thing Paul is married to someone who has such a great sense of humor. I'm not sure I would have handeled that situation as well as you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mishap...would balloons on the mailbox have helped? well, we are surely glad you guys came to the right party, Gina. It was wonderful to have you share the birthday. Your darlings are lookin' mighty good!
I hadn't read anything, let alone blogs in a great while, so I did some catching up, girlfriend you are an exceptional writer. We need to connect you with the editor in our family and see what wonders you two could cook up (in all your spare time, of course). Blessings, Kristine

Christy said...

Just got sent here by a friend ... so, so funny!! Oh my, that made my morning.

Garola Gang said...

GINA!!! This would ONLY happen to you (or maybe to me!) I LOVE your sense of humor! I love that they took pictures of you! :)

Can I please repost this on my blog????

ginaburch said...


JenConnelly said...

Gina, I met you at swim lessons this summer. Your blog is wonderful and this story is way too funny.You have inspired me to start a blog on the Connelly girls.