Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh my word...I am blogging with a complete handicap. Our computer had to make the move to the new house ahead of the rest of the family. That computer and I have a hate-hate relationship, so it really works out....except that it leaves me tapping out blog posts with my pointer fingers on the iPad. Don't tell Mrs Bozeman, after all the work she put in trying to get me to have all 10fingers in 'the ready' position in high school typing, it would just make her sad. Anyway, because of my plight, I'm going to bullet points.

-my baby turned 4! I can't believe it and I had all kinds of things to say about the event, but, with the typing and all, it's too hard. I will say that he is the sweetest, kindest, best little boy in the world, despite what you've read on here in the past.

-Lilah spent the end of last week in the hospital for IV fluids. It sucked. I hate the hospital, so much. It divides our family and gives me way too much time to contemplate the severity of her medical conditions. But, of course I'm so thankful that she's better and that we have great care so close to home. And, it always serves as a sort of 'restart' for me. A reminder of what is important and how I want to spend my time. As Garrett said "I love it when we are all together."

-it is flippin freezing here and the only clothes I can find that aren't in boxes are 2 pairs of jeans, one totally random sweater, and two long sleeve tees. So, if you see me around town, that's why it appears that I am always wearing the same thing--because I am.

-we move in 2.5 weeks and this rental house has officiAlly become a biohazard. Not that I really did much all summer, but I have officially given up now. If we had any dishes or ever ate at home, they'd be piled up. As it is, it looks like someone (Garrett) took the contents of every room, shook them up, and dispersed them randomly throughout the house. Complete chaos. That means when I open the moving boxes in 3 weeks I will find things like shoes, apples, hairbrushes, Lightening McQueen, bug nets, and empty sippy cups in the same box. Fun.

That's it. Hoefully coming to you soon from a real keyboard......

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