Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Garrett has two "moods"...the first, precious, obedient child keeps me from killing the one that screams "no one can look at me!" About a month ago, with my patience wafer thin, I called the pediatrician with very little history and I just wanted a doctor to see him. Of course when we get there, Garrett's gregarious as can be....sweetly chatting it up with all the nurses, who must be wondering why I have him in don't i have enough visits in there?. G couldn't have been any better of a patient, which again made me seem crazy that I had already told his nurse his only symptom was rottenness that we were there to rule out any illness that would prevent a total crackdown on behavior after Dr Peeden told us he was well, the beatings would begin.
It didn't quit work out that way....He had double, severe infections and one tube was out and the other was clogged (he had PE tubes in may). Dr. actually said that it was 'a wonder he's been sleeping or functioning at all."
The beatings were called off at that point and surgery set for new tubes, with the addition of adenoid removal. After 2 rounds of antibiotics and lots of crankyness, the saving surgery is upon us.
Garrett goes under the knife tomorrow at 9:45. I, ever the multitasker, am wondering if the nurses will let me in to clip his nails, cut his hair, and pop this huge blackhead, that I have been stalking, and bargaining for months, at the base of his nose. tmi, right?


Jessica said...

awww! Poor G! and Mommy! I hope it goes well tomorrow. We have the hair and nails battle here like crazy. Update when you can.... Merry, Merry!

Anonymous said...

Just have Paul distract the doctor in the hall and you'll have a good 15 seconds to get the blackhead. That's most important, right? :)AR

Cade and Cora said...

Praying that everything goes well for him (and you)tomorrow! You're an awesome mom!