Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas cards went out today...finally. And, no, they are not handmade or anything exciting--it just takes me forever to accomplish tasks like that. This friendly post is to say:
1. if you didn't get a card from our family, it means I lost your address in a freak computer incident (I am not kidding, I deleted 1/5 of my list). e-mail it to me and you, too, can have a picture of the burches laying around your house collecting dust.
2. if you receive 2 cards from me, i'm sorry....i'm just disorganized like that.
3. if you live in my neighborhood, hold your horses. i will be hand delivering to save postage. and since i already bought enough stamps for all my cards, i will be using the virgin mary & child for all other mailings until halloween.

now on to the baking.....a 'task' i enjoy so much more than the cards.:)


lukeandsarah said...

Gina, great pictures!! Garrett looks so much like you in your main picture at the top! How sweet :) Sarah

lukeandsarah said...

and I forgot to say that Lilah looks so grown up in that picture of you and her in front of your tree. She is beautiful. XX