Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr Garrett came through like a champ! It is over and he's doped up on a little thing called Lortab for 5 days...clearly I had underestimated the pain of removing a non-essential mass of tissue behind your nose. The surgery itself was barely long enough for me to go to the bathroom and as I rounded the corner to recovery I heard a scratchy, but very loud, voice yell "It's like a gun", excitedly! (obviously the pain meds were in full effect and G was feeling right at home, using his 'usually reserved for family-only' non-inside voice....can't imagine where he gets it:)?!). Anyway, the 'gun' was his IV, which quickly came out as a troup of nurses were scurrying around him like he was a diplomat. I am not joking, those women were swooning over those curly blonde locks!

Of course, as soon as I got the little patient home, he promptly barfed all over me, my wool sweater, my hair, the carpet, and his beloved animals. The fun here never ends people!


Sara said...

oh, feel better soon garrett! and mommy! :) we have croup here...a couple of weeks behind you all with that...hopefully we won't follow you into the surgery thing. :)

Jessica said...

glad it went well - sorry about the barf! :)