Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sweet baby loving her dolly

clearly not making a lot of headway toward getting rid of the pacis:)


Johnson Party of seven! said...

Lilah looks so sweet and so happy! She also looks just like Paul!!! And Garrett- well... he is a doll baby with those curls! My son had a paci until the summer before kindergarten. It almost killed Dr. Yen!
Still wanting to get together- if it will ever stop raining!!! I want to get your take on The Swine Flu. Normally I would be rolling my eyes but I am so fearful that Hutton will get it! Wonder WHO is doing that to me!
Good to see Lilah with no tubes! I know you are enjoying every minute!

Anonymous said...

super sweet (both of them) and SO good to see you last week!

Cade and Cora said...

LOVE those pictures and the new pic at behind the title! Lilah is the smiley, happiest thing ever! Her smile makes me smile!