Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have some seriously great memories from my time in the Alpha Chi house at Indiana University...really, it was 'life changing' (I tend to overuse this phrase, but I mean it here).  Now I find my self in this alternate world where no one understands how the Greek system  was meant to be (i.e. the south, where there are no sorority houses, thereby ruining the balance).  No one talks about the cold dorm or knows the fine art of birthday posters.  I am not nearly stupid enough to open Pandora's box on all the memories, but one of my favorites was the 'quote board'. Every semester we would hang a huge, fresh piece of paper on the wall and write down funny things people said--which was so fun to look back on at the end of our time together, and would probably be altogether NOT funny today.

All that to say, I have a new journal.   This is the 3rd journal I've bought in my lifetime, but this one is really pretty and I'm committed to using it:).  My first order of business is to start my own quote board.  Here are 2 from today:

Garrett (2 ):  screaming from another room: "GINA, what you doing? where you be?"
Grandma:  "You know, swine flu is really giving pigs a bad name."       because, pigs had a great reputation before, right?  

Anyway, journal with me people! We are going to be old someday and we'll want to remember.:)


Sara said...

Too funny...I just said to Scott the other day I wanted to start one here. In fact, I had just said to Hudson, "we don't eat out of the trash can". Scary. :) Love it!

Mootie said...

I'm so glad Lilah is happy! Makes us happy too. Here's my contribution to the quote board:

Random Stranger on Elevator with me During my 9th Month of Pregnancy: "Woah! Looks like someone had a big breakfast!" (He's lucky I didn't trip him on his way out. I was close.)

Mootie said...

"mootie" is Martha Henley. I totally forgot that was my google username from a million years ago. family nicnkame. long story.

Meghan said...

I think I have part of an old quote board somewhere, and ever since I have read this post, I keep trying to remember all the famous quotes. One comes to mind, but it is totally inappropriate :)

Great idea on the quote book...