Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm suffering from from stage fright here, people! I are shocked.  Here's the the last 2 weeks, I feel like I have heard from about 30 people that they read this blog and it kind of freaks me out.  Not because I'm private--clearly, I'm not.  But, because I started this as a place to keep up with all the milestones, silly conversations, and bloopers of my kids--not because I think I have anything great or novel to say.  Anyway, this is my disclaimer....I will continue to write the meaningless stuff that I think is funny (and I have a very low threshold) and the some of the more serious things.  This really is a place for me to "work it out" and I feel strongly that I will look back some day and delight in God's faithfulness.  I honestly don't think our life is that interesting--unless you're just looking for a good cry (haha).  The fact that so many care to keep up with us, and more importantly, pray for us, is humbling.  Really, best gift ever....that all kinds of people....some whom we don't even and care for Lilah and our family.  Words cannot express the power of that encouragement and our gratitude.  Thankyou:)!!
Back to my might rarely find something here worth reading and other times you might just see a random story about how I bludgeoned a mouse to death with mop.  All that to say, don't expect much from me--it's too much pressure:).


Jessica said...

no pressure! :) Hey - josh bludgeoned a mouse to death with a broom handle?!? (he's still traumatized by it). Have a great weekend, can't wait for another blog update! ;)

Anonymous said...

The dentist told me to snip the pacifier a little every other night. Soon there is nothing to suck on and they will give it up. It worked with my girls.

Anonymous said...

don't be frightened. And my brother killed a mouse with a shampoo bottle...of course, he was drunk at the, I did not write the other anonymouse comment :) love,ar

Anonymous said...

The pressure is on because you are the highlight of my each and every day :)

J said...


Don't feel pressured, but I LOVE your blog. I love everything you say! I told you before that your entries are like devotionals...maybe you should turn it into a devo book one day! And the little things...well, they matter, too! (And I think yours are interesting). No pressure - just keep doing what you're doing! I am praying for you ALL!

Jenny Adams