Friday, May 22, 2009

I've been on 'vacation' for the last 2 weeks (hubbie on business). And by 'vacation' I mean, at my parents house, with both kids. I have only washed my hair twice (once being this a.m, along with my only vaca shave...seeing hubbie today), eaten whatever I wanted, watched mulitiple Lifetime movies, and rotated the same 2 outfits. And by 'outfits', I mean pajama pants. I have let my kids eat whatever they wanted--Garrett chose 'Papa's chips' (Pringles) and popcycles, Lilah chose her carseat straps and anything plastic. I have let them sleep random places and times. G has been basically 'discipline-free',  has not worn shoes in at least a week, and has drug his "monk ba" (monkey lovey and paci) all over creation. It's a gay life, right?. And by gay, I mean "happy, exciting":).

Months ago, when I was knee deep in "diagnoses", medicines, machines, and hospital stays, I complained to my dad that "I hate my life" (this is so not true, I just tend to be dramatic in the moment). He said "at least you have good memories". This makes me chuckle even months later--because it's so not what you say to someone who's about to lay down in traffic, but also really true.  It will definitely go in the 'quote board'!

I have had lots of fancy, exciting vacations in my life...and I loved them.  Great memories.  But I have a feeling when I'm 80, some of my sweetest memories will be of everyday moments.  And sometimes, I have to get away from my make the memories of everyday.  Such precious moments in the everyday things.  I love my family and I do love my life.  As tough as a 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old that travels with her own medical office can be, I sure wouldn't trade them for a "real" vacation.  Not that I'm not dreaming of the beach.....:).

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