Monday, April 27, 2009

look at this O2-free face!
Lilah is absolutely a Daddy's girl:)
Garrett trying to convince me that jelly beans give him muscles:)

Life is great.  Seriously.  I'm trying really hard not to let my "mood" be affected by circumstances, but it sure is easier to be joyful and thankful when things are going your way, isn't it? Lilah is off oxygen during the daytime hours and it has changed her life, my life, our life.  It is fantastic! Also, Paul and I left the kids and spent this past weekend here.  It was total freedom, relaxation, and...sleep!  I am reminded a lot lately of how quickly things can change.  Good to bad.  Bad to good.  Whatever--just proof of the importance of one day at a time.  As I return from a getaway with my love, kiss one baby's sticker free checks, and run my hands through another's precious curls....I praise the God of miracles for this day.


notes of em said...

A-MEN! she is looking more and more like G, i think.
so glad you had a great weekend. and thanks for the reminder of day to day. you are absolutely right, God's plan for us day to day is a gift.

Amy said...

I was gonna say your pics are beautiful, but really the children in your pics are beautiful!! Glad you were able to recharge over the weekend!!

Jessica said...

a weekend away! How nice for you and Paul!!!!! :) Your children are cuties!

Kristi Kain said...

You haven't heard the news yet Gina? Jelly beans DO help your muscles grow!

Anonymous said...

I praise God for that too and am truly rejoicing with you Gina!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...the anonymous is me...April....I always forget to put my name...sorry