Sunday, April 12, 2009

We just got back from a visit to my parents for Easter.  My mom is definitely G's best friend and he always has such a great time there (as do we).  Here are just a few of our adventures....
My parent's cat had kittens!!! Garrett hauled them all around and they were such good sports.

My dad doing the classic "airplane" feed.

My grandma, Lilah's great-grandma.  She's tiny and makes L look huge:)

Egg dying!! G had an interesting technique..'.whole-hand-quick-dip'.

Swimming in the not-to-hot tub.

"Ahh-Ew".  This is how G says ah-o (how do you spell that anyway?)

Family pic.  Best we could do:)

Our little bunny (note the 2 bottom teeth).


lukeandsarah said...

Gina what sweet pictures! Especially sweet family picture. It's good to see a picture of you too. :)

Amy said...

I LOVE your family pic... AND Lilah's bunny ears! Too cute!

Jessica said...

great photos! I love seeing your parents - how wonderful that they are so involved in G & L's lives. Happy (belated) Easter! xoxo