Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tubes went great! Granted I don't have a lot of outside entertainment these days, but it was kind of fun....or funny, at least.  Garrett was absolutely hilarious and a perfect patient.  They gave him the "happy juice" and said he's be asleep or very groggy in 10 min.  15 minutes later he was saying "whuuuzzzzz uuuuupppp" and making eyes at the nurses, like a 20 year old at a keg party.  Other than a little post anesthesia crankiness, there was no aftermath, no recovery!  We are so glad to have it over and I'm looking forward to removing 1 patient from my list:).

here is Ya doing some 'tummy time'

my niece feeding her "lilah" through her belly

fyi, here is her tube. kind of hard to see on here.  there is a "button" on her belly (which is held in place on the inside with a water inflated balloon).  you open the top, put on the connection tube, and gravity pulls the food in via syringe.  

the paci posse....I was going to get rid of the paci when he was two...then L was born, then she got sick, and then I got he is going to have it until he goes to kindergarten:)


Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Ahh the blessed G-tube. I hated that thing and wanted it GONE! But I am so thankful that we kept it. It is great when he is sick, and when he was hospitalized. A blessing in disguise.
Oh and the paci. We were going to take it away too, then the baby came and yada yada. I built up the third birthday and told it would be gone. On that day, it was the easiest thing. We were all shocked and awed. My kid was a double paci kid too.

Good luck with that one!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear tubes went well...happy juice is such a funny thing. So sweet to see pics of your everyday! Both your sweet kids are getting so big!

Amy said...

So glad to hear the surgery/procedure went well!