Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Pictures

The kids and I just got back from 3 weeks at my parents!!! Paul was there the first 2 weeks and then left to go hunting (seriously, I'm not joking) and get back to a little thing called 'work'.  Anyway, we had a great, relaxing time and survived many minor/near emergencies....the packing and drive there, both kids had terrible colds, we thought G broke his foot (x-ray was clear), etc.  
We are back and in full swing...lots and lots of appointments for our little girl this month.  The best Christmas gift around here is that Miss Lilah seems to have blossomed a bit. That little angel is such a gift to our family. She seems much more alert and interactive, loves to be talked to and coos back, is very interested in her brother and her new toys, and like any girl, herself in the mirror:) She is eating pretty well and up to 12.6 lbs!  Most importantly, she just looks great to us.  When we got the news and diagnosis of her chromosome disorder a few months ago, it pretty much ripped the bottom out of the 'bag of hopes' that we had left for her.  We were bracing ourselves for a child that was unable to do or even enjoy anything in life.  But, she is smiling, giggling, loving her brother, reaching for toys, and has briefly held a few rattles.  We are thanking the Lord for his mercy in showing us these developments and allowing us to hope so much more for Lilah's life.   Many thanks to all of you who continue to intercede on her behalf.  I truly believe that your prayers have changed her life and I feel a special bond with anyone I know who prays for bring your favors here, we owe you a few!   


Anonymous said...

Such angelic pictures! I know it has been a time of refreshment, and now we'll pray that Lilah's January appointments will bring you good news as we are trusting the Lord to do His work in her precious life! Donna Willis

KM said...

Praise the Lord! He is so good! They are both absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

I feel like such a horrible friend. I have been so absorbed in my life lately that I haven't been able to check your blog recently and I'm just now catching up with your life. Both of your kids are beautiful and I miss all of you! The Lord challenges us in unexpected ways and shows His love in unexpected ways. I hope that you find comfort in KNOWING how truly loved your entire family is from your Creator and Perfecter. I would really love to come by sometime when you feel up to it. I will continually pray for Lilah throughout January while she undergoes all of her doctor appointments.
Love you guys,
April Grimsley

Anonymous said...

She looks, and all of you look, so amazing...happy and joyful and just at peace! So happy for the joyful times you are experiencing with your sweet children and so thankful for the blessing that you are to them and to others when things aren't so joyful.

Jessica said...

the title photo of Garrett completely cracks me up! Those photos are adorable! glad you had a nice break with your family - I am sure they are lots of help!

Elizabeth Browning said...

She is just precious! Precious- love those pics. Garrett looked like he enjoyed the opening of gifts much like Louis did. We thought Louis had broken his leg a few months back too! Glad it was negative. Crazy boys! Hope to see you soon! God Bless you and your family,

Elizabeth Browning