Thursday, January 15, 2009


No surgery's been postponed until next week. The very condensed version of the story is that we are having a hard time getting all the right people lined up for the surgery at the right time. Until then, we are trapped at the hospital:( It is maddening to be without a plan! But, Lilah is being well cared for by her amazing cardiologist and wonderful pediatrician, as they try to set up the best case scenario for her. They are watching out for her as if she were their own, and Paul and I are so grateful.
Paul always reminds me, "there is a God, and it's not me". He is soviergn in all things, and He has a plan that is perfect. We are awaiting that plan.


Jill's Monograms & More said...

Gina, I'm sorry you're going to be in there until next week. Praying for grace during this time. Praying specifically for Lilah's procedure next week. Continuing to pray for miracles with her health.

Also, we'll be praying for sweet Garrett. You and Paul are both such wonderful parents to Garrett & Lilah.

And praising God for your mom & dad. I'm so thankful to God for them. They are amazing parents to you and Paul; and awesome grandparents to G & L!!!

We continue to lift up Paul's side of the family, too.

We love your sweet family!!!

Elizabeth Myatt said...

It's too late to call you because I am hoping that you are getting a good nights sleep. Can't stop thinking about you though. Just wanted to say night night. Love you-

KM said...

Hey Gina! I'm just catching up on the week's events. So sorry to hear :-( Praying for you guys! Hang in there & just take it one day at a time. Garrett is in God's sweet hands & He will help Him deal with all that He is feeling. God is so good to stand in the gap for us & He will meet sweet Garrett's needs (& Lilah's, too :-)). Take care!

becky said...

We will continue to pray. You have made such an impact on our family. My girls won't eat dinner until "baby Lilah" is prayed for. Hang in there.

Peter, Becky Syd and Macy