Monday, January 19, 2009

Recovering well

It's Paul again:

Well, Lilah's surgery went great today and we are very thankful!  After a busy morning, we handed Lilah off to the surgery team at 11:15 am.  I would like to say that I was steadfast and strong but I was not.  Handing her off was incredibly tough (Gina and I were both saying how we feel like we aged 10 years today).  The surgery seemed to go on forever but was over by 2:30 pm and we were able to see her in the PICU by 3:30 pm.  She gradually began to wake up and her sweet blue eyes were open by 8:30 pm.  She was breathing so well on her own that they were also able to take her off the venelator.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for Lilah.  Please continue to pray for her as her body heals in the coming days.  

Your prayers have been a gift to Lilah and and to us.  

We love you and thank you!



Elizabeth Myatt said...

So glad that all went well today and that it is over. Have been praying for you all lots today. Hope she has a great night and is on her way home soon!

The Leonards said...

Such a sweet picture. So thankful the surgery is behind her. Praying for quick healing and homecoming! We love you all!