Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half Birthday

 eating peaches

Sweet baby is 6 months old!  The actual date passed when we were in the hospital, but I wasn't feeling like chronicling her milestones at that point.  Like so much of this journey, we are living 'flipsides'....weary but encouraged, saddened but hopeful. The Lord has already done more than we knew to ask or thought to imagine for Lilah, for our marriage and our family, and for so many who walk this with us.  

The day of her diagnosis, I remember crying that "I will never know her". What I meant was; I thought I would never know who she was intended to be.  The beauty of this looking back is:  this is exactly who she was intended to be on Earth and... I do know her! She has a personality, and it's pure, and sweet, and wonderfully made.

At 6 months, she loves people, her 'lovey', her paci, and (most recently) tasting graham crackers.  She is starting to really appreciate lights, toys, and music.  She has a healthy fear of her brother:)  She loves to hold hands! She lights up with any attention, but does not demand it. She HATES having her oxygen put in her nose and she really dislikes having shirts pulled over her head.  Generally, she is most incredibly sweet spirited, gentle, and the embodiment of innocence. 

Milestones will always be tough for me.  I cannot help but to compare her to the 'typical' in my head.  And the older she gets, the wider the gap.  I want so badly for her to be able to engage in her reach, roll, sit, and crawl.  I want to be able to carry her on my hip as I did her brother.  I want to worry about how new teeth will hurt her and if I am giving her 'new foods' in order.  I have the most incredible ache in my heart to hear her voice.  But, we also rejoice.  Her life has been spared.  We have been given this gift.  Lilah continues to delight and surprise.  Her body has proven to be stronger than once thought and she is engaged and attentive far beyond expectations.

Cheers to 6 months!  Hard, yes.  But, so SO worth it.


Jessica said...

Gina - she is just so precious and look at that pudge on her little hands! Yeah! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your beautiful family!

Cade and Cora said...

Yay! Lilah! We love you and are so encouraged by your strength and sweet spirit!

Amy said...

Your perseverance through all this, and your willingness to share it with all of us is such an amazing testimony! I can't help but thing that everyone's positive energy and spirit all around her are helping to make her the strong little fighter she is. Happy 6 months, Lilah!

Becky K. said...

Happy Half Birthday Lilah!!

Cousin Cathy said...

Happy half-year little Lilah brown eyes! Gina and Paul I think of you often and am thankful that you are embracing Lilah and all of her challenges. Also, happy birthday to "Miss Gina"! You have always been good and I am glad you caught such a wonderful husband in Paul! I still, to this day,can't get over the story of how you two met! Every family should have so much love! I heard a commercial today about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wondered if you have been offered that for Lilah at Children's. The little girl on the commercial said she was off to the mall, and could run and do everything else she wants because O2 h therapy helped her when she was younger. I though of your Lilah when I heard the happy little girl on the commercial and hope that someday Lilah will be all she can be, which I am sure will be great because of your and Paul's love, determination and faith-not to mention great medical care! No one can ever say enough about good doctors who listen and respond to needs in a timely way! I loved your description of Garrett's fit over the cars. Wonder if lost cars go to the same place as lost socks? Best to you!

STEINS said...

Hey guys, just wanted to give a shout out and let you know I am thinking of you all and miss ya lots. Glad Lilah had a good 6 mo. celebration. Good luck with the cars, it will just get worse (Spider web shorts,etc. :) Have a great week! Love, Jeff

P.S. Weather is nice and sunny like spring skiing weather, though I hope more snow comes.