Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I feel like with 3 kids in the house, we almost always have some 'night time issue'--if I make it through the night to a respectable morning time without getting up at least once, I'm always shocked.  One night this week our night time surprise was a midnight visitor.  I rolled over in the night and noticed Garrett sleeping beside Paul...he learned a long time ago that he would get a much more welcome invitation from his father's side than mine:).

The next morning, Paul and I woke up to the sound of a baby crying, but no Garrett in our bed (for the record, he has been known to wake Ada in the am, but this was not the case that day).  We were practically 'high-fiving' each other as we made the bed...celebrating that he had, on his own, without tears or threats from either side, gone back to his own bed.  Parenting success.  Yeah for us.  We are awesome.

At breakfast, we celebrated the little king....congratulating him on his mature decision to return to his own bed, when he says:
"Oh.  I did that because I wet your bed."


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Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! Hilarious!
Aunt Liz :)