Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are these the sweetest hands you've ever seen, or what?  Tiny, little, rounded finger hands that are slow and delicate....I could seriously sit and watch her hands in action.  Lilah's hands still have baby dimples and, because she doesn't use them as much as a typical kid, they are baby soft and smooth.
She loves to wash her hands--which is about the way it works, because it is the hardest thing to do with her.  Her balance is too poor to sit on the counter and lean over and she's not tall enough to reach the sink from her wheelchair (yet).  So, I brace one foot on a step stool, have her straddle my leg, brace her ribcage with my elbows, and squeeze her little hands open with my thumbs....and turn the water on with my teeth (kidding).  And the other 50 times a day she get her hands cleaned with a washcloth in her chair.:)
We are cherishing this sweet miracle girl more than ever lately...what a gift she is!


Anonymous said...

She is the most LOVIng little girl I have Ever met and the SWEETEST HANDS!!!!
Aunt Liz

Anonymous said...

oh how I love her so!

Heather Joseph said...

I love love love this sweet picture Gina...absolutely precious.

and Yes, i was an official rebel. sneaking into concerts, alcohol consumption, smoking, sneaking out, lying about where i was, older boys, etc. really, the works. now, i know you wouldn't guess that from how straight laced i was in college, would you? guess i got it all out of my system beforehand?!

i love that we are reconnected through our little blogs..