Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lilah is doing great with her wheelchair and using it more everyday.  She's even using it with a more cheerful attitude, which is awesome:).  The wheelchair repairman came this week, and brought a new device along with him for L to try.  I already cannot remember it's name, but's an upright wheelchair.  It supports her core, and allows for her to bear weight, but unlike other 'walkers', does not require weight bearing for movement--because it has giant wheelchair wheels also.   So, she can do a little of both, still get around, and not get frustrated.  Here's a clip:

As you can tell, she's heavy on the wheels and not so much on the legs, but this was her first time and she enjoyed it.  FYI: you'll see one of her 'signs' in the video--when she points to her mouth, she's asking for her paci.  Sweet girl:).  We are so proud of her!

Now, on to the insurance game to see if we can get one of those up in here.


Anonymous said...

Owen says, "She looks so cute!"
Maggie says, "She's doing good!"
I say, "Go get 'em tiger!"
xoxo, AR

Aimee D said...!!! I've never seen that before and she looks great! go lilah!!!

lukeandsarah said...

Amazing Gina! Now give that girl her paci :)