Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Back

I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been away....on a tropical island, with my husband and an umbrella in my drink.  Riiiiiiighhht.
In reality the days are whooshing past at warp speed, which is odd, because I find myself saying 'it was a long day' at the end of every day.  Our days seem to start earlier, though really, we are just out the door earlier, which means we I hit the ground running when my eyes open...and I'm just too darn spent at the end of the day to write down any of the funny and not so funny adventures we've had.  Here are a few I can remember from the past days:

--Garrett has declared 'Farties' as his favorite candy, and even though I know his little mouth changes 's' blend sounds to /f/...I still laughed for a solid minute.  I am not doing my part as his mother to snuff out the 5 year old potty talk---so help me, I cannot not laugh.  A boy that changes a pack of princess fruit snacks to  "Princess Poopy" and "Queen Stinky" is funny to me.

--Lilah has a best friend at school.  His name is Christian and he is black and she is using him for his hair.  She loves his hair and follows him in her wheelchair so she can love on him and touch his hair.  I haven't actually seen this in action, and am only going on teacher I've probably embellished their friendship a bit:). But, I love the thought of her having a best friend, so I'm going with it.

--Garrett has given me an incredible gift for his upcoming birthday....he has chosen to have his Daddy take him to a local indoor waterpark instead of having party.  Read:  minimal mommy involvement.  That's right....invitations, cake, bounce house, treat bags...all that crap that you have to do before you watch your child have the inevitable party meltdown is not happening for me.  I am inexplicably happy.

--Ada is by far my favorite child right now.  Happy, quiet, calm, and very appreciative of her mother.  She is a good listener and a great sleeper (although my expectations are notably low).  She eats what she is given and wears what she is told.  She is grateful for what she has and other than being a horrible car traveler and a difficult burper, I have no complaints about her.  She'll be 4 months next week.  Remind me that I said this about her, because I see a twinkle in her eye that makes me nervous.

-I have mastered (though I use this term in the loosest sense), the drop off and pick-ups.  It is not pretty, but I can get it done.  3 children, 2 backpacks, 16 loose papers (why do teachers do this??), 2 lunches,  a wheelchair, an infant carrier, keys, and a cell phone.......nothing to it.  On a related note, I'm taking applications for an intern--the pay is, well....there is no pay.  But, it'd be an experience.  There are similar positions open around here for medical expense secretary, appointment secretary, trash collector, laundry mistress, and put-stuff-back-person.  They are all similarly glamorous.

--the other day, I put Lilah down on the floor in the kitchen to clean her high chair before she went back in it, and I returned from the sink to find her--gone! She had scooted into the playroom (about 15 feet) after tickle-me-elmo.  Of course, it took me 30 minutes to quit second guessing where I had actually set her down before I could be sure she had done it.  I am both proud of her and frustrated that she acts so unmotivated to do it at other times.

 Could you all just be quiet??!!

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