Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ada's Baptism

We baptized our littlest gift this morning.  It was sweet and special and entirely different than the last time, with Lilah.  With her, there was a sense of urgency....a desire to baptize her quickly...a fear we might not get to at all.  But, with Ada, it was a celebration of her life, a commitment on our part to raise her in the Lord, and a seal of the covenant God made with His people....all that an infant baptism should be.

this sweet dress has been worn by 3 generations of babies

I want you to notice that we were easy feat.
 I write very little about all the emotions surrounding Ada's little life...because they are intensely complicated for me.  But, I will say that her 4 months have been the happiest in memory for me--full of a richness and love that brings me to my knees.  Her life has been healing for my heart in ways that I cannot begin to describe.  While certainly not the purpose or intent of her creation, her brightness has filled so many corners of darkness.  That tiny baby's cries and coos have breathed new life into our home, and  her spirit has bolstered ours.

the star was very well behaved

 Ada is curious, loving, sweet, and completely engaged in all the wonders of this world.  Her life is such a precious gift and I am honored that the Lord chose me as her mother.  I cannot wait to see the story he has written for His child.


Garola Gang said...

what a gift! God bless! All things truly work for the good of those who love Him!

Alexandra said...

Such a little sweet heart!

(Also, I love the new header. And how G's face looks like he's about to be up to something mischievious, Lilah looks slightly bored with the concept of picture taking, and Ada seems to wonder what she has gotten herself into. Haha. And all three are just too cute.)

Anonymous said...

Ada is such a beautiful, sweet, and happy blessing!!!
You could tell she was fired up to be baptized kicking her sweet legs! Love to you all!
Aunt Liz