Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I feel like I've been spending the last month getting my children's wardrobe ready for fall.  I am baffled by the time, money, and organization it takes to outfit a child for a new season.....cool weather clothes, cold weather clothes, socks, shoes, coats, etc....and it mostly needs to coordinate to maximize the outfit possibiliites.

This is daunting enough before you add in any 'special needs'.  It started with needing button-front baby outfits to accomidate Lilah's heart monitor and then feeding tube.  The needs morphed into needing easy access to her feeding tube for me, but difficult access for her.  Then Lilah's tiny body started getting not so tiny....and her belly grew at a disproportionate rate (because of her severly low tone, they say)....leaving her with the body habitus of an 8 month preggo.  Her feet are the size of a 12 month old...meaning she needs baby shoes that are baby-proof.  Lilah's scholeosis is starting to make her shirts pull tightly accross her back.  Also, she's super hot-natured.   So that goes into account.  All of these needs are not always easy to accomidate, but I have learned a lot over the process.

I consider myself a special needs stylist:).  Kind of like Rachel Zoe for the handicapped population (of my house).  I know, it's banannas.  I like for Lilah's clothes to fill her many requirements-- and be comfortable and look cute.  There are certain brands I go for that are more....shall we say, forgiving.  And, I have many things tweaked by a very talented and creative seamstress over at Cuckcoo's Nest--who has way better things to do with her talent, but loves my girl and appreciates the joy of dressing children.  I have pants shortened, buttons moved, panels added, and things created--the latest creation is a 'belly bra', which I can't explain because the patent is pending.  kidding.

Anyway, my latest undertaking was shoes, because Lilah can and will sniff out velcro like a blood hound, and remove her shoes to chew on them.  She loves velcro.  And shoes.  And both are very gross, especially to bi-standers who think I let my child eat their shoes.  Which I do.  But hers have never touched the floor.  Still, it's gross and she needs shoes that will stay on her feet.  Mostly because I don't have time to put her shoes back on 30 times a day, and apparently neither do her teachers....because I keep finding her bare-feet at pick-up.  I had, what I thought, was brilliant idea.

 I bought 3 pairs of shoes and had an industrial snap put on, over the velcro, at the cobbler.  I'm pretty sure he goes by 'shoe repairman' these days, but I think 'cobbler' is cuter. Anyway, genius, right? I considered buckles, but cobbler-man said snaps would be quicker (sold!) and she couldn't get them off anyway.  I'm sure you can see the writing-on-the-wall here.  Lilah got the first pair of shoes off in 30 seconds, the second pair in 15, and the 3rd pair....well, she just grabbed them straight out of my hands, laughed, and started eating the velcro.  Fail.

shape sorters are the hot ticket in Lilah world these days:)

In the process of cleaning out closets, I found a pair of keds that Garrett wore when he was 10 months.  And they are precious.....she'll just have to always wear red...because she has maxed out her shoe budget.  And mama wants some new boots.


Kandi McMahan said...

I laughed when after I read the post, I looked up at your intro blog picture and it showed Lilah trying to undo her velcro shoes :)

Aimee D said...

this made me laugh too...every child I have ever known and taught this is so true! It's almost for every lack of cognitive or motor ability they might have, they made up for in superhuman ability to remove any sort of positioning, support, clothing, shoes etc object that might have been put on them!

notes of em said...

thanks for the plug friend!