Friday, September 2, 2011

I think it's a bad sign that a week of getting kids to preschool has rendered me brain dead and totally exhausted.  Also, I kind of expected to have a cleaned house, organized drawers, made meals, and lost 10 pounds.  Not so much.
Maybe next week.

I love how they both look rather annoyed at me.  
It makes me laugh that the 'back story' of every first day of school picture is a crazy mother, whiny children, and a ticking clock...and then they are supposed to pose with their backpacks...the last thing they want to do at 8am.

If I could read her mind, I think the hardest thing for her about school is no pacifier and no Backyardigans.  Here she is ooching out the last few minutes of both on the way.

Lots of nice clothes...always chooses something small and stained:)

I think our first week went well...everyone seems happy.  Garrett did cry like I was sending him off to labor camp before school.  Sigh.


The Avery House said...

Gina, you a re such an awesome Momma! Lilah and Garret both look adorable in their "First Day of School" photo. Hope you have a nice long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Gina you are Hilarious!!!
Love you!
aunt liz

Garola Gang said...

thank you for always making me laugh, my friend! they are totally precious even when "crying like going off to labor camp" in "too small clothes"! Enjoy your time with that baby! I'm jealous! :) You deserve it!