Wednesday, August 3, 2011

swimming lessons

I'm exhausted and broke--all because my 4 year old had swimming lessons for the last two weeks.  You might not think that a 1 hr lesson for 8 days would have such an impact---but, you'd be wrong.  First off, for someone who hasn't taken her children anywhere expect the Chick Fil A drive thru since in months, the act of getting everyone in the car was impressive.  (I won't get into the flow chart that has to be followed to get all 3 ready to get in the car....that's an entirely different post).  It was a 10 minute sunscreen application, a 20 minute drive, an hour lesson, a 20 minute drive home, lunch, shower, etc.  When you add in the whining and crying before and after lessons in the am, and the assault of pleading not to go to lessons tomorrow that began around dinner the night before (every day), it was an all day activity.
 We I chose the Swim Nazi (not her official title) for lessons this year because I was tired of dinking around with $85 lessons at The Y that were the basic equivelant of what G and I have been doing during his bathtime for the last 4 years.  Also, because of little baby and middle baby, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get in the water this summer and teach Garrett myself--not that he'd take my instruction anyway.
The last reason we chose the infamous Swim Nazi is because I had heard from many people that "she taught my child to swim indepenently in 1 week".  Sold.

You know how sometimes when you are listening to people, you only hear bits and pieces....mostly the pieces you want to hear, like "swim independently" and not the bits you don't want to hear, like "will be in counseling till he's 18"??         Right.  Well, that was pretty much the case here.
 Let's just say you don't teach a child to swim quickly by being a softie.

a happy moment.  in tears moments later.

the highlight.

not sure if this was anger or confusion.

Ada loved swim lessons:)
All's well that ends well.  Garrett learned to swim.  Actually, thanks to the effort of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, he learned to swim earlier in the summer....but now he is more efficient. He learned (in theory) the basics for a few strokes, but I think I learned, when calculating the cost of the Swim Nazi, you should factor in the dollars for a daily bribe treat, lunch, gas to keep the car rolling and baby happy during the hour wait, and, of course.....therapy.  For me and the little swimmer.

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Anonymous said...

I realize your post is from last August, but just enrolled my daughter in our local "swim nazi's" lessons and we were both in tears after today when she was pretty much dragged in off the diving board in tears (I did hold mine in until she couldn't see me). I was looking for reassurance that I'm not scarring her for life and totally agree with the cost of bribery (mac&cheese for dinner every day there are lessons and the possibility of earning Mac Do's for no tears...). Here's to hoping that there is a happy ending coming!