Saturday, July 23, 2011

My little bug is 2 months old today! The first 3 weeks were great, the last week has been good, and the 4 weeks in between.....hell.  Just kidding, not hell, but very very hard.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I'm all "having a sick kid gives you perspective".  I can hear my own words "after dealing with what we did with Lilah, a healthy newborn will be a piece of cake".  Ha.  Haha.  You know what that kind of glib confidence gives you right? A swift kick in the rear.

Because nothing makes you abandon all 'perspective' like a hysterically screaming infant that will. not. stop.screaming! Unless maybe it's a baby that spends all day long smiling peacefully, tricking you into thinking tonight will be different, only to start wailing uncontrollably the minute you start thinking about laying your head on the pillow. Ada alternated these 2 approaches--to keep us on our toes:).

I'll tell you people, I pride myself on being somewhat 'tough'...mentally at least.  Riiiiiight.  What I learned is that I'm the weakest of weaklings.  Powerless against the mental assault of an 11 pounder.  I have the utmost respect and sympathy for parents that deal with real colic...because whatever those 3 weeks were they took a serious (and thankfully temporary) toll on my health, wealth, and marriage.

Welcome back happy baby!


Andrea said...

I heard something one night at one of those church ladies night out things that really encouraged me. The lady speaking pointed out that one of the torture tactics they use on POWs is not letting them sleep. They even use a baby cry to keep them up sometimes! So no, you are not a weakling.

Dotti said...

I am Emily Miller's aunt and I have been reading your blog since Lila was born. I used to know your husband's family years ago at Calvary. I just want to tell you that I appreciate your honesty and humor as you so beautifully write about your family. Being a mother to three young children is not ever easy. Sure, it's worth it, but most days are a struggle. I admire your ability to think clearly enough to sort out the muddy feelings that accompany parenting. It shows that you are committed to being present in the midst of life - a rare quality for many moms. (especially of a two-month old!)

Dotti Scruggs Delffs

Garola Gang said...

oh those eyes! just look into those eyes and it will all be OK!!! Love that baby girl! I wish I could tell you three gets easier, but I'd be lying, sorry! She will sleep more, though! :) you're awesome! You can do anything! Phil 4:13!