Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Most little sisters think their brother hung the moon....interested in him to a point of contention.  But, not this one...and it's not for lack of trying on his part.  Garrett would dangle from the rooftop, while dancing and singing her favorite songs--if only it would get her attention.  All he wants is for her to notice him...watch what he's doing...acknowledge that he's as cool, as he already knows he is.  Garrett works hard for some connection and for whatever reason, Lilah is much more likely to engage with an adult than children.
Here is a rare glimpse at a shared laugh....so glad I caught it on film.  It was a YouTube Elmo video:).


Aimee D said...

so sweet! they both have the best smiles! although his time is coming for sure with little ada...he'll be wishing for a little space! at least that's what happened in my house.

Anonymous said...

AHh That made my day! Sweet Garrett and Lilah!! Love her sweet laugh!!
Aunt Liz