Saturday, August 13, 2011

The countdown is 'on', people.....5 days until Lilahs first day of school. She'll start at West Hills Elementary on Wednesday. Gulp. You might remember that she went to what we called 'school' last year, but it was really the infant class at our neighborhood preschool..a familiar place Garrett has gone for years. This is big girl school. She'll go 3 days a week from 7:45am-1pm. She will eat breakfast and lunch there. She will get dropped off and picked up from 'the line'...where I will sit in my car and watch her teacher push her inside the giant, mysterious abyss that is elementary school. Gulp Gulp.
We (Lilah and I) went to "meet and greet" yesterday. I was a nervous wreck. I think my anxiety was a combination of wanting them to love her and worry about how it would go.  I know everyone goes through sending their child into the care of relative strangers, but sending a child that is, for all practical purposes, totally helpless, and completely unable to recount their day is an entirely different story. A story that involves me relinquishing much more control than I am used to doing. It requires a whole lot of trust. And it is scary.

I know she'll do fine. And I know they'll love her ( how could they not?). And it will certainly be good for her.

The "meet and greet" went well, but I'm pretty sure Lilah did not get the first impression rose. As we walked in the room, I said "this is Lilah", and looked down at her in the stroller...just as she was pulling her finger, and a giant, nasty boogie, out of her left nostril. They must be used to it though, considering 4 boxes of tissues were part of the 20 item school supply list. :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet Ya! I am sure it is going be hard for you! Ya is the most loving, sweet, caring and darling little girl I have ever known & loved...I hope it goes great!!
<3 aunt Liz

Aimee D said...

so excited for you and for her! Can't wait to hear how it goes. um, boogers are the least of it :)
A is pretty good about communicating with parents...even texting pictures etc, so stay on top of it all and make them fill you in!